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Whether it’s the ever popular founding of a nation or the lesser known celebration of a popped kernel of corn, we keep you up to date to celebrate.

Since January 2013, National Day Calendar has been combing the internet, scouring the archives and peeling back the layers of the year for all the reasons to recognize those special days. Every day has a story and here at National Day Calendar we celebrate the stories as well as the day.

From the unique artichoke heart to the questionable explorer, from the humble pie to the honorable veteran, National Day Calendar is here to help you Celebrate Every Day.

Celebrate Every Day

I keep track of all these fun, unusual or forgotten holidays on the National Day Calendar  … Hali Bernstein Saylor,  Boulder City Review

It turns out that according to the highly authoritative National Day Calendar website The Hub


What I found useful was the discovery of an even higher power, if you will, of national calendar days: an organization called National Day Calendar … Beth Golay,  Books and What Not